Key Small Business Financial Advice

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There are many people who regret not being able to pinpoint the best possible solution for their requirements and this gets in the way of getting proper results. Don’t get stuck in such a rut and make sure you are taking on appropriate financial advice for your business. Those who make this mistake are the ones who end up becoming bankrupt. Let’s take a look at some of the most important financial advice one can get when running a small business.

Understand Hidden Costs

It is all fair when it comes to obvious costs, but what about those hidden costs people ignore? Things such as your own salary, permits, future expansion funds? Where are these going to come in?

You have to make sure these are being factored in as soon as possible. Don’t leave this hanging or you will pay the price.

Learn The Basics Of Cash Flow

How is the money coming in and going out? You can’t be aloof to this and need to understand how the supply chain works and where you stand at this point in time.

Consider Technology For Optimization

There are numerous pay roll software options on the market at this point in time and those who ignore them are going to lose out.

You just can’t make this mistake as it is absurd and downright silly. You have to be willing to take on the right advice.

Make the most of this advice and move forward as it will ensure you are well on your way to seeing the success that is needed. Those who ignore this are the ones who are going to pay the ultimate price and that is never a fun thing to deal with at all. Be patient and move forward with care as that is imperative.

Small Business Funding with Bad Credit: How to Lock Down Business Financing With Poor Credit

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The sad fact is that most banks, financial institutions and credit providers simply won’t grant a business loan unless you have an ideal credit rating. There are two ways in which you can circumvent this problem:

1. Fix Your Credit Rating

Depending on your current debt and how bad your credit score is, you can take a number of steps to repair your credit record in a matter of days or in a period of 3 months:

– Determine the cause of your bad rating. Is it due to non-payment, overdue payments or regular late payments?
– Settle all your outstanding debt that has negatively affected your credit score.
– Negotiate with your creditors for a lower settlement amount or to adjust the terms of your agreement.
– Consolidate your debt.

Once you have resolved your debt issues with your creditors, you will need to approach the relevant credit agencies to have any bad marks removed.

2. Apply For A Bad Credit Loan

Due to demand there are a multitude of credit providers that offer loans to individuals or companies who do not have a good credit history. These providers often don’t run a credit check or simply apply penalties for risky loans.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers great resources for businesses looking for financing solutions, as well as business owners seeking advice on how to best run their companies:

There are both advantages and disadvantages to taking out these types of loans. Advantages include:

– The loans are approved quickly, normally within 24 hours.
Business cash advances will not require any form of security, guarantee or surety for approval. This site offers more information on small business financing, and you can find information on every industry.
– The application process is simple and has minimal requirements.

The following disadvantages need to be considered carefully:

– Bad credit loans are usually in small amounts. This means that you may not be able to source the full amount you need and may have to take out additional or recurring loans.
– The loans have a high interest rate and may include extra fees and charges.
– The repayment period is relatively sort (normally under 12 months), within which the full amount will need to be settled. You may not have much room to negotiate longer terms or extend the period should you be unable to settle the debt when it is due.

It is always best to look at alternative options before applying for a bad credit business loan. One of the best finance options is to apply for government funding or to an external investor to provide you with funds or guarantee a loan from a regular loan provider.

Most Profitable Companies In The World Today

Based on a review conducted by 24/7 Wall St., corporate profits in the US reached $1.8 trillion for the second quarter of the year. In the whole world, most of the profitable business companies are based in the United States. The top 10 profitable companies contribute a total of $223.2 billion profits in 2014. Other countries around the world also experienced high increase in corporate profits.

Top 10 Companies Based On Profitability


  1.    Apple Inc. 

Based in the US, Apple Inc. (AAPL) earned a total of $39.5 billion from continued operation with total revenue of $182.8 billion. Already an established brand for almost a decade now, Apple is well-known for their breakthrough products that made big changes to technologies we are using today. This rapidly-growing multinational company developed some of the most common consumer electronic products we are using like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. With its market cap of approximately $672 billion, Apple is also the largest company in the world.



  1.    Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) is the largest and most profitable oil company in the world today with earnings from continued operation of about $33.6 billion and total revenue of $369.4 billion. Also based in the US, Exxon is also second to Apple in terms of market cap which is $405 billion making it the second largest company in the world.



  1.    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

This brand has been competing directly with Apple’s market and based on some market research, the brand actually outsold the iPhone in 2014. Based in South Korea, Samsung is now the largest company in South Korea with profits from continued operations of about $21.4 billion and total revenue of $188.9 billion.



  1.    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Based in the US, this is the flagship company of Warren Buffet, one of the most famous and top investors in the country. Earning a total of $20.2 billion in continued operations, the company reached total revenue of $189.7 billion.


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  1.    Chevron Corporation

Ranked 3rd on the Fortune 500, this oil company earned a total of $19.3 billion from its continued operations and $192.3 billion in total revenue. Also based in the US, Chevron’s earnings actually declined for the past 3 fiscal years due to the decreasing oil prices.



  1.    Toyota Motor Corporation

One of the largest car companies in the world today, Toyota earned a total of $19.2 billion in continued operations and $227 billion in total revenue. This car company is based in Japan and has always been vying for the top spot as the world’s top car companies against 2 other largest, rival car companies in the world such as the VW and GM.


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  1.    PetroChina Co. Ltd.

With total earnings of $19.2 billion in continued operations and $368.1 billion in total revenue, this company is based in China and is controlled by the state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation. Just like most of its rival oil companies, PetroChina also suffered declines in earnings for the past fiscal years due to the falling oil prices.



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  1.    China Mobile Limited

With Hongkong as the largest wireless market in the world today, it is also understandable that the largest wireless service provider is also based in the country. China Mobile Limited earned a total of $17.6 billion from continued operations and total revenue of $103.4 billion.




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  1.    Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Although it is the top company in terms of revenues, it is only ranked 9 in terms of profitability with its total earnings of $16.8 billion from continued operations. Its total revenue is a whopping $485.7 billion.




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  1.   Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson completes the top 10 list with its earnings from continued operations of about $16.3 billion and total revenue of $74.3 billion. Some of its most popular consumer products are Band-Aid, Tylenol, Motrin, and Listerine.